Exceptional Student Education Polk County
ESE Advisory Meetings

Attention Parents and Caregivers

Polk County has a Parent Advisory Council for Students with Disabilities! This is your
opportunity to be a part of this collaborative team between our community and our schools.

  • Open discussions on how the group wants to form and run the committee
  • The importance of using a positive approach in this new collaboration.
  • How to better  improve communication between parents and the school district
  • Improving CBI (Community Based Instruction)
  • Improving the development of IEP goals
  • Better training for parents and teachers
  • Budget cuts and spending
These are just a few of the topics discussed. We encourage all parents of ESE students to
attend these meetings.

For information email Lisa Miller at lbmiller1101@yahoo.com
All phone number area codes are 863
Area Senior Manager Contact Information: Click Here

Name: Title & Location: Phone: Fax:
Diane Taylor  ESE Director
Bartow Municipal Airport
#270, Bartow, Fl 33830 534-0930 519-8407

Leslie Allore Senior Manager
Northwest Area Office
304 North Fern Road, Lakeland, FL 33801 499-2826 499-2882

Teri Crace  Senior Manager
Northeast Area
945 N Buena Vista Blvd., Lake Alfred, FL 33850 956-2082 956-2088

Lisa Martin Senior Manager
Southwest Area - Lakeland Highlands Middle
740 Lake Miriam Drive, Lakeland, FL 33813
648-3248 648-3254

Teri Bronson Senior Manager
Southeast Area Office
1785 East Wabash, Bartow, FL 33830 534-7480 519-3627

Teresa Fields  Senior Manager
East Area Office
250 East Grove Avenue, Lake Wales FL 33853 679-4338 679-4832

Karen Toppin  Senior Manager
Transition - Bartow Municipal Airport
#270, Bartow, FL 33830 534-0934 519-8861

Angela Bottom Senior Manager
Bartow Municipal Airport
#270, Bartow, Fl 33830 519-8870 519-7559
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